Woman screams when asked to exit Southwest Airlines flight, viral video shows

You can hang out in an airport, but you can’t stay on a plane.

A woman has gone viral for inexplicably screaming when asked to deplane a Southwest Airlines flight after landing.

Though most travelers are eager to keep it moving, one woman caused a commotion when she hollered and refused to move from her seat when it was time to exit the aircraft. On Saturday, a quick clip of the bizarre scene hit the internet, with footage of the following feud viewed over four million times on Twitter. TravelPulse reports that the incident occurred on a Southwest flight. 

"I'm trying to be nice," a passenger, standing the aisle, began at the start of the video.

"M'am, I'm right here. Are you going to get off the aircraft, or are you going to sit there and scream?" a flight attendant asked the seated woman, who was filmed from her right side. "I'm just asking, cause it's gonna be your turn, so you need to go."

The passenger glanced at the two standing women before looking forward again, appearing to ignore them.

"I’ve gotta pee, I’ve gotta get off of here!" the passenger exclaimed. "M'am, I'm trying to," she said, moving forward up the aisle, before the woman released a bloodcurdling scream. The seated passenger threw out her left arm, trying to stop the other traveler. The passenger in the aisle quickly pushed forward, escaping her reach and moving forward.

From there, the seated passenger even tried to pull the woman’s coat, as the concerned flight attendant jumped in to intervene.

"M'am! M'am!" the Southwest staffer said, as the woman continued shrieking. "I'm watching you, attack her!"

"You get out of here," the woman hurled.


"Excuse me, I work here m'am!" the flight attendant fired back. "Get off the aircraft, please." Finally, the passenger got up, and the video cut out.

Though a spokesperson for Southwest did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a "zero tolerance" policy against disruptive behavior on commercial flights following a string of incidents around the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6.

For the time being, the FAA will not issue warning letters or negotiate penalties. Instead, the agency will act directly to issue fines of up to $35,000 and possible jail time for those who misbehave.

Fox News’ Michael Hollan contributed to this report.

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