Worried about feral cats in your neighborhood? Chicago group helps trap, neuter and return them

A Chicago group is helping people worried about feral cats.

It's estimated that there are anywhere from 200,000 to 500,000 free-roaming cats – also known as "community cats" – in Chicago.

This summer, "CatsInAction.Org" launched a website that helps connect residents with the "trap-neuter-return" program to make sure that the feral cat populations don't get out of hand.

On Monday, CatsInAction fed and trapped feral cats on South California in the Wrightwood neighborhood.

The group said that female cats can get pregnant when they are just four months old, and can have four litters every year. More than half of all kittens born outside will die before they reach six months.

The group said that trap-neuter-return" programs are legal and encouraged in Cook County. They team up with caretakers who feed, water, shelter, and sterilize feral cats.