'Wow, You Can Really Dance': Georgia Aquarium sea lion shows off moves

Sea lions are known for being great swimmers, but it turns out they have some pretty slick moves out of the water, too.

A seven-year-old sea lion trounced a Georgia Aquarium trainer in a dance-off at the facility in Atlanta, video posted recently shows.

The video, posted on June 22, shows a trainer and Neptune the sea lion dancing to the popular “Wow, you can really dance” TikTok sound. At the end of the video, Neptune slides on his belly and points his tail up for a grand finale.

A Georgia Aquarium spokesperson said Neptune is a rescued sea lion who was brought to the aquarium in 2015 after he was “deemed non-releasable.”

“He was found with fishing hooks in his flippers, and upon further examination, bullet fragments in his head were also discovered,” the spokesperson told Storyful.

Now Neptune stays at his “forever home” and receives care from Georgia Aquarium’s veterinarians and staff.