Wrigleyville McDonald's Obit: You stood by us in our most drunken times of need

Photo courtesy Flickr/ttarasiuk

A Second City comedian is mourning the loss of the Wrigleyville McDonald's.

Martin Morrow writes:

"On March 21st of our Lord’s 2016, we said goodbye to a dear friend and neighbor, the Wrigleyville McDonald’s located at Clark and Addison, as it was torn down to build a hotel that people will inevitably regret staying in.

"She was a loving late-night aide to us all, mixing sausage biscuits with french fries when we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Even amidst recent controversies, including (but not limited to) allegations that your food looks the same after 6 years of incubation, that it won’t burn properly, and that it contains processed horse meat, we stood by your side-as you stood by ours in our most drunken times of need."

Morrow goes on from there to bemoan the end of a place that was perfect for the "too drunk to function."

You can read the rest of his post by clicking here.