Wrigleyville strangely quiet on what would have been Opening Day at ballpark

It was a quiet day in Wrigleyville on what should have been the Cubs home opener. 

The teams remained home as Major League Baseball remains suspended due to COVID-19. 

It’s an unofficial holiday for baseball fans as thousands normally return to Wrigley Field to celebrate opening day. 

However, Monday, on what was to be the Cubs home opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the streets and bars and restaurants around Wrigley field are silent and empty. 

Even as a pandemic wipes out the beginning of the baseball season, a handful of fans still made the pilgrimage to the ballpark to mark this holiest of baseball days.

“I live about a mile away from here and thought I’d like to see if anyone else is around today because I’m kind of missing the home opener,” said Jeff Heider. “Feeling a little bummed out about that.”

Greg Kohut has only missed two opening days in 48 years. 

“I just decided to come down and walk around,” said Kohut. “Why end the tradition?”

It’s disastrous for the businesses that depend on ballpark traffic. 

“I’m nervous about our businesses in Lakeview period,” said Ald. Tom Tunney, 44th Ward. “Because I still think that the Cubs have an impact far and wide. Not just at that intersection.”