Zachary Levi on how long he'd be willing to play Shazam

Zachary Levi returns to theaters this weekend as the teenager-turned-superhero Shazam in the new sequel "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" – but just how long is he willing to play the character?

With the return of Michael Keaton as Batman in this summer’s "The Flash" and Tobey Maguire returning as the famed web-slinger in the most recent "Spider-Man" sequel, just about every comic book actor is finding their way back into their iconic franchises.

Levi sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton to talk about the recent trend of actors returning to their comic book roles – and wanted to know if he’s be willing to return as Shazam in another 30 years.

"Listen, never say never," Levi said. "It would be a game-time-decision, it has everything to do with where I’m at in my life at that point. If it made sense and they really wanted me to come back, and the fans wanted me to come back, then yeah, of course."


"Shazam! Fury of the Gods" hits theaters on Friday, March 17th.