Chicago Red Stars coach resigns after shocking allegations surface

The coach of the Chicago Red Stars soccer team has resigned amid new allegations that he emotionally abused players.

Rory Dames led the Red Stars to six playoff appearances.

But now, he has stepped down after a shocking Washington Post report detailed how he would verbally abuse and manipulate players.

The women say that his words and actions went far beyond normal coach behavior. He would yell until they were crying, taunting them about their love lives, or their abilities as mothers, according to the report.

The report also states he would keep them waiting all day for a five minute meeting, instead of giving them a schedule.

In addition, he allegedly refuse to give them time off to see their families.

Dames is also accused of pressuring at least one player into regular dinners outside of work and then benching her when she started to resist.


Another shocking thing about the allegations is that some of the players did go to the National Women's Soccer League to ask for help, but as far as they could tell, nothing was done.

Dames remains the president of the Chicago area Eclipse Select Soccer Club.