Cubs fans 'anxiously nervous' entering Game 3 in Chicago

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Being down two games to nothing didn't stop Cubs fans from showing up to Game 3 in Chicago in full force.

In Wrigleyville before the game, there was some excitement, but also some anxiety knowing that winning Tuesday night's game is crucial.

“I am anxiously nervous, how’s that?" said Cubs fan Tim Ciesla.

For the Cieslas, this trip to Wrigley Field is history in the making.

“Just got to take it in, once in a lifetime opportunity right now, wanted to bring him with, I got my best buddy with me,” he said.

FOX 32 found father Tim and son Casey on Sheffield peering into Wrigley to catch a glimpse of the Cubs warm up.

So who's the bigger fan? It maybe the 12-year-old, who appears to be after Lou Canellis' job.

“If they lose, they will be out 3 and 0 and they got Jason Hamil on the mound, and last time he did terrible and the Mets can hit, so let’s hope they come out today and win," said Casey.

It seemed to be a family affair at the Friendly Confines on Tuesday.

FOX 32 is obligated to introduce you to a Mets fan, so here's a father-son pair.

“We've been really surprised everybody has been really cool,” they said.

Well, that's enough of that.

There's also another Chicago father-son team making a trip to see the game.

“This little boy was conceived after the Cardinals won the World Series in 06, the entire family is Cardinal fans, but he came out a Cub fan,” said Cardinals fan Steve Bovinett, who was sporting a Cubs jersey for his son.

This is his son's first game at Wrigley, and both of them are ready to see the Cubbies go all the way!

“I want to see the Cubs win!” said Bovinett. “Let's put it this way, I’ve got a lot of friends that are Cubs fans and I am tired of seeing them suffer.”