Highest price for Game 3 World Series tickets on Stub Hub is $1M

FOX 32 NEWS - Cubs fans have waited all their lives for this moment. But sadly, only a select few will actually get to see the game in person.

Ticket prices are so high, they could break records.

The atmosphere around Wrigley Field is unbelievable, as are the prices of tickets to game three. The cheapest we found on Stub Hub was just under two-thousand dollars, and the most expensive just went up to a million apiece.

Donald Martin went to the World Series the last time it was played at Wrigley Field 71 years ago. For Donald, like so many other championship starved cubs fans, this is still an unbelievable moment.  

"Just World Series Cubs. It just feels like a dream. My adrenaline, I just don't know what to do with myself. It's awesome,” said Nicole Young. 

Fans were streaming along the outside of the friendly confines Thursday, scooping up World Series gear. Some traveled quite the distance just to be here for game three. 

"I left on Sunday and I got here on Tuesday afternoon. Yeah, drove all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico,” said Andy Gebe.

For this family, it doesn't even matter that they don't have tickets to the game.

"I just needed to be in the holy land where this thing was going to happen,” Gebe said.

For fans planning to go, they're looking at what could be record breaking costs for World Series tickets. Experts say prices are topping some of the most popular Super Bowl prices on the secondary market, reaching tens of thousands of dollars.

Those experts, though, are also warning you about ticket scammers. Check the tickets serial numbers, because multiple tickets shouldn't be the same.

"From a very simplistic perspective is look at the ticket and look at the spelling. These people, the fraudulent people that are out there, they're in a hurry to sell these things. So sometimes Cubs can be misspelled. Sometimes Wrigley Field could be misspelled,” said attorney Walid Tamari.

Do your homework before buying World Series tickets. You may have to go above and beyond because this isn't just buying a ticket to a baseball game, this is an investment.