How David Oancea stokes his pro hockey dreams as the Chicago Blackhawks Junior Emcee

Most teenagers and even adults spend their life pondering what career path they want to take. 

One local nine year old already has a clear vision on what he wants to do and is taking action to make it come true. You may even see him one day right here on Fox 32 Chicago.

"I want to be a Blackhawks player, an NHL player and get the biggest contract in the NHL."

David Oancea spends his days practicing with his team at Glacier Ice Arena in Vernon Hills preparing to live out his dream.

But in the meantime, he's already in with the Blackhawks in a different way. Oancea is a Blackhawks Junior Emcee. Bringing his larger than life personality to the Jumbotron at the United Center.

"I was hosting a Blackhawks audition and I did perfect. I was so happy to work with the Blackhawks."

No nerves for this 4th grader who’s been speaking in front of his more than 24 thousand Instagram followers for 4 years. 

"I actually just talk on camera. I do trips, talk about positivity. Blackhawks games and vacations and I keep it super positive."

Keeping that same positivity as he skates his way to his dream in hopes he'll be able to meet Connor Bedard along the way.

"I would get his signature, I would ask for his phone number, I would be best friends forever."


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