One-on-one with the Chicago Sky's Angel Reese: Why the star rookie wants to call herself an 'entreprenuer'

Chicago Sky star rookie Angel Reese had a big week.

She made her WNBA debut, graduated from LSU, won her first WNBA game and was announced as a part-time owner of the professional women’s soccer team DC Power Football Club.

No big deal, at all.

FOX 32's Cassie Carlson caught up with Reese after practice. Here's part of Cassie's one-on-one conversation with Reese on Tuesday.

FOX 32's exclusive interview with Angel Reese

Cassie: Angel, most people talk about there being a transition into the WNBA, but in your first two games you set a record for most offensive rebounds and your first two starts. Why has it been so seamless for you so far? 

Angel: "That's just what I do. That's in my blood. And I mean, coming into the league, understanding the skill and competitiveness and knowing every given night I'm not going to have an easy night. So, I know I can go in and get rebounds. That's just something I'll always bring to the table. So I'm just feeling things out. I got in foul trouble for the first two games, so rebounding was just what I was just getting my points from getting other possessions from. So doing what I do; do what I've always done."

Cassie: I was looking at your Instagram and most people who are playing in the WNBA would say they're an athlete in that little description area. You call yourself an entrepreneur. How important is that to you? 

Angel: I do everything. I'm a jack of all trades. I'm a Barbie, so you know, Barbie puts on every different hat. She's a doctor, she's a cook, she's a basketball player, she's a model. I do so many different things, so I don't want to just justify myself as just an athlete because I was a student athlete. I'm a model. I do so many different things. So just being able to be a jack of all trades is something I've always wanted to do because the basketball does stop one day. I know if I stop playing basketball today, I'll still have an impact. People are still gonna talk about me and still treat me the same. So just being able to do that and, and know that without basketball, I'm still somebody is just something that's super important to me."

Cassie: You said there's no better place for you than being in Chicago and this weekend you guys get to go to Wintrust Arena, play in front of your fans for the first time. What are you expecting? 

Angel: "I'm excited. I'm expecting so many different people to come out and love us and support us. It just gives me chills right now to know so many people are going to come out. I've gotten so many texts like, how can I get court side tickets and see how they can come to the game and people fighting over tickets trying to get to the front and see us all. So many people buying our jerseys. Everything's selling out so we got to handle New York first on Thursday. But then coming back home, it's just going to be surreal."


Clark, Reese and Brink have already been a huge boon for WNBA with high attendance and ratings

Fueled by its sensational rookie class of Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese and Cameron Brink, the WNBA had a huge first week in terms of attendance, ratings and digital media.