Schwarber home run ball encased in plexiglass

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - The amazing home run ball hit by Kyle Schwarber that helped the Cubs clinch the playoff series against the Cardinals Tuesday night has found a new home where it landed: on the right field video board.

As if Cubs fans needed something else to be excited about, now they've got the Schwarber ball. And while the Cubs say they are not being superstitious, that ball is staying up on the video board where it landed as long as the team continue their playoff run.

After sending crews up on the board to verify it was indeed the home run ball, based on the playoff watermark, the Cubs stuck it right back where it landed.

“We're gonna keep it up for the Post Season, after the Post Season we'll  make a determination in terms of what we do with the ball, but for right now we'll leave it up there for fans who can catch a glimpse of on TV or up above,” said Cubs spokesman Julian Green.

Janice Hasegawa is a huge Cubs fan.

“I think it's a great idea, it's something that should just remain a part of Cubs history, it should just remain up there forever,” she said.

For Cubs fans, the magic of the memories from last night's win warranted a trip to the marquee to bask in the victory. But for those still bearing the burden of superstitions past, from the goat to the infamous Bartman ball, the Schwarber ball, now enshrined under plexiglass under the right field ‘Schwar-board’ as it's been nicknamed, is a new superstition fans are embracing.

“If a goat got blamed for all these years, don't take the ball down, leave it be,” said Cubs fan Angela Banashak.

But as amazing as the home run was, the physics of it staying up there on the scoreboard is equally remarkable.

“I think it's amazing, it's just one of those one in a million shots, it hit something up there and it just stays. Hopefully it's a good sign for the Cubs,” said Loyola University Assistant Professor Brian Cannon.

“I think this team is what is going to end this drought, it's not the ball, that was just one amazing home run that was a part of this amazing trip,” Hasegawa added.

Now, to make sure the ball remains safe, security cameras will be trained on it and if anybody needs to go up on the video board platform to do work, they will get a security escort.