Six Flags St. Louis makes good on bet, renames coaster 'Cubs Thunder'

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Last Friday, both Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Great America decided to make a bet when their home teams, the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, faced each other in the NLDS.

If the Cubs won, Six Flags St. Louis would:
-          Rename the American Thunder coaster to the Cubs Thunder
-          Send Maull’s BBQ sauce with pork steaks
-          Send famous St. Louis toaster ravioli

If the Cardinals won, Six Flags Great America would:
-          Rename the Raging Bull coaster to the Raging Cardinals
-          Send Chicago deep dish pizza
-          Send Old Style beer

The Taunt

Six Flags St. Louis was incredibly confident with their Cardinals and posted this on their marquee:



The Reality

The Chicago Cubs win the NLCS and St. Louis must bear the Cubs name and rename the American Thunder coaster the Cubs Thunder: