WATCH: Hawks announcer Pat Foley unleashes epic rant over late start times

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley is sick and tired of the 8:42 p.m. start times and he let everyone know it during Game 5 of the divisional playoff series between Chicago and the St. Louis Blues.

Midway through the third period, Foley went on an epic rant about the late start times saying:

"Eddie [Olczyk], we’ve had a tremendous series between two great teams here. And it has been compelling theater: The two teams have been tied or one-goal games 96 percent of the time so far. But this is the third time in five games that a start time of 8:42 [p.m.] local was mandated. I can say with certainty: Players can not stand these late starts. Coaches can not stand them. Most importantly, the fans can’t stand them."

"So as we approach midnight – AGAIN – on a work night, a school night, a simple question: An 8:42 puck drop serves who?"

The broadcast, which aired on CSN Chicago but was also simulcast nationally on NBCSN, was then cut off by a commercial.

Foley's rant wasn't well-received by NBCSN analyst Mike Milbury who made mention of the comments without naming Foley in particular following the Hawks' 4-3 overtime win.

"You know what? If that’s too late for certain announcers, I think they should just let someone else call the game, and stay home and get a good night’s rest, because 8 o’clock it is," Milbury said. "We do that so we can get everybody involved, and all the games on. Lots of games and we do a good job showing them."

The late start time has become the norm in Western Conference series in order to accomodate the national broadcasting schedule.

With Thursday night's win, the Blackhawks forced a Game 6 on Saturday night at 7 p.m. CT in Chicago.