Wrigleyville buzzing! Cubs fans pack Wrigley Field for 'Reopening Day' against Cards

Friday was the official reopening of the state and Chicago, but that does not mean the public can ditch the masks for good just yet.

People will still have to wear masks on public transportation, at airports, in schools, and in healthcare settings.


However, the reopening officially means museums, restaurants and stadiums can open their doors to 100-percent capacity. That includes Wrigley Field, which was packed with fans Friday for the big Cubs-Cardinals game.

The buzz was back in Wrigleyville. The last time the Cubs played in front of a packed house at Wrigley Field was September of 2019.

With the state moving into Phase 5, the Cubs sold every ticket on Friday.

Fans who have not been vaccinated were being asked to wear masks inside the ballpark, but there is no proof of vaccination needed and FOX 32 only saw a handful of people with face coverings.

The Cubs were also continuing their cashless policy – all transactions either by card or pre-ordered online.

The Cubs were calling Friday’s game "Reopening Day," with flags and bunting decorating the ballpark and a giant American flag unfurled before the first pitch.

Fans that FOX 32 talked to say they have been waiting a long time for the full Wrigley experience.

"This is fabulous!" one man said. "This is Opening Day 2.0."

"It's how it should be. So it's nice we can finally get back to normal," another fan said.

The Chicago Cubs ended up beating the St. Louis Cardinals 8-5.