Father of Highland Park shooting suspect to return to court in February

It was a uneventful day in Waukegan court for Robert Crimo Jr. Crimo faces seven counts of reckless conduct, one for each of the people allegedly killed by his son during the 4th of July Highland Park Parade. Prosecutors say he signed his son's application for a FOID card before the deadly shooting.

Highland Park parade shooting: Father of alleged gunman posts bond and gets out of jail

"Robert Crimo Jr., again the father, took a reckless and unjustified risk when he decided on Dec. 16, 2019, to sign his son's application for a firearm owner's ID, or FOID card. At the time he signed the application, his son was 19 and could not — let me say that again — could not get a FOID card, and because of that, could not legally purchase a firearm without his father's assistance in that application process," Lake County officials said.