Gaza war: Hostages' bodies found, concerns for others grow

Israeli forces have recovered the bodies of three more hostages in Gaza, raising fears over the fate of those still missing. House Speaker Mike Johnson, in a show of support, is hoping Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can address a joint session of Congress but not all lawmakers are on board.

Luxury dog-friendly airline charges $6K+ for one-way fare

Pet owners know it can be a hassle flying with your dog. One airline is working to make it easier for you. BARK Air is set to launch luxury flights catered to your pup. But it's going to cost you. A one-way domestic flight is $6,000 for you and your pet, and international flights are $8,000.

Heatwave in Mexico causes howler monkeys to drop dead from trees

Mexico is facing one of its harshest droughts, with temperatures hitting 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) on Monday, causing severe water shortages and leading to the deaths of at least 83 howler monkeys in Tabasco due to extreme heat and dehydration.

Debate follows ICC prosecutor's request for arrest warrants

The International Criminal Court is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several Hamas leaders for war crimes sparking a heated debate. This is the first time the ICC has tried to prosecute a US ally. The US, Israel, China and Russia do not accept the court's authority.