Chicago highs to reach the upper 80s today

We have a beautiful day of weather on the way with plenty of sunshine. Expect a high of 87 degrees. 

There will be a lake breeze. No rain is expected through tonight. 

It won't be until early tomorrow that the first wave of decaying showers makes its way into Chicagoland may be enough to dampen the pavement for the morning commute. Then, the afternoon activity may end up starting to focus south of the city.

Our house model is showing a couple spots getting pretty good soaker on Thursday. We'll see maybe a chance for some heavier rain in northwest Indiana. I think most of us are going to be in that quarter-inch or less club, though, so just enough to kind of recharge the plants.


No chance of rain tonight. It will be partly cloudy and mild around 67 degrees. 

A cold front will have slipped by Friday and temperatures in the afternoon will be dropping off into the 70s.

We are looking at a warm weekend with a high of 88 degrees Sunday. Then it turns a little unsettled here Sunday night through Tuesday with some scattered showers.