Chicago could approach record-breaking heat Tuesday

Today’s record high is 90 degrees set 11 years ago. It's gonna be close. And there will be a distinctly-muggy feel to the air too.  

I’m going 88 degrees for the official high at O'Hare but 90 degrees is not a stretch. Skies will be partly to mostly sunny. 

Tonight, we need to watch for a cluster of strong storms which will flare in Wisconsin. 


Models are in better agreement that those storms will press into Chicagoland tonight. There is a small risk of severe wind gusts and hail with some of the stronger ones with a higher risk of damaging storms in Wisconsin. 

Tomorrow will be very warm and humid again though perhaps a couple of degrees lower than today and it will be decidedly cooler near the lake.  

Thursday looks like another burner with upper 80s likely and Friday won’t be much different. There could be showers/storms as early as Friday night with scattered activity through the weekend as the intense heat yields to 70s.