Chicago temps to linger in the 50s with midweek storms looming

Chances of rainfall aren’t zero today and tomorrow but they’re mighty low. 

Wednesday? A different story. 

First things first, today will feature some sun and we’ve already had our high for the day.  

Afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 50s. There’s a small chance of a shower but most of Chicagoland remains dry.

Tonight, it will cool off into the upper 30s under moonlit skies.  Tomorrow will be partly sunny and mild. I think highs can tag 70 degrees.  


I’m also unimpressed with prospects for showers or storms. If anything were to flare up it would most likely be far northwest of the city.  

Wednesday is troubling.  Many ingredients appear to be in place for a severe weather episode with damaging straight-line winds being the primary, but not exclusive threat.  Current thinking favors 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. as prime time for stronger storms, while acknowledging a few showers could pop up earlier in the day. 

Irrespective of the storms, very high winds are likely Wednesday through Thursday and almost certainly a wind advisory will be required during much of that period. 

Cooler air arrives Thursday as well.  Showers return to the forecast late on Easter with highs that may not rise out of the 40s.