Chicago temps to hang in the 50s before pleasant weekend

It’s not snowing. We’ve got that going for us anyway.  

Today will feature some sun and temperatures that while cooler than normal, will be nowhere near as raw as Monday. Let’s say 50 degrees.

Tonight will be quiet with mostly cloudy skies and lows around 40 degrees. Tomorrow will be cloudy with mid 50s likely.  


Rain moves in very late in the afternoon and at night. Thursday looks spectacular, one of the year’s nicest days so far. Sunshine and 70 degrees.

Then it rains again with some embedded thunder on Friday. Won’t be quite as warm. But then the floodgates of heat (by April standards) are opened up and with some sun, we nab our first 80-degree day of the year on Saturday.  

Then, in keeping with the "it rains every other day" program, showers and possibly thunder return for Sunday.