Chicago weather: A beautiful Thanksgiving followed by a chilly weekend

As evening approaches, expect clearing skies tonight with temperatures dipping into the upper 20s and low 30s. 

Thanksgiving promises pleasant weather, offering sunshine and seasonable highs in the mid-40s, perfect for gatherings and outdoor activities.

However, a shift is expected as we head towards Friday and Saturday, with an influx of clouds rolling in. Anticipate mostly cloudy skies during this period and slightly cooler temperatures, ranging from the mid to upper 30s.

Looking ahead to Sunday, there's a possibility of light snowfall in the forecast. Temperatures will remain in the upper 30s, setting the stage for a potentially wintry day.

Be prepared for an even colder turn early next week as colder air masses move in. Monday and Tuesday are projected to have highs in the lower 30s, indicating a drop in temperatures and the arrival of chillier conditions.

Stay tuned for further updates as we keep an eye on these shifting weather patterns over the coming days.