Chicago weather: Another mild day ahead of warmer weekend

Most of the day is looking mainly cloudy, breezy and mild with highs in the mid to upper 50s.  

Light showers are possible in the evening. Tonight it will be mostly cloudy with lows not far from 40 degrees. 

Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy with highs again in the mid to upper 50s. If enough sun can break through highs will be close to 60 degrees.  

It’s more likely we hit 60 degrees on Sunday with a bit more sunshine. Rainfall prospects appear meager at best this entire weekend.  

Monday will be even milder with mid-60s are likely with a few showers around. The magnitude of cooling the rest of next week now appears modest meaning temperatures will be warmer than normal most of, if not all of this forecast period.  

The highest chance for widespread heavier rains appears to be Wednesday.