Chicago weather: Coldest day since April

We are off to a chilly start to the day, the coldest in Chicago since April. 

Skies will clear for a totally sunny day. Highs will only manage the lower 40s, about 15 degrees colder than normal.  

Tonight will be another cold one with widespread 20s for lows under moonlit skies. Tomorrow?  Here comes the snow! It’s looking quite likely that the ground will be whitened over much of our viewing area with snow starting north by mid-morning.  The wild card in this thing is the possibility of a robust band of lake-effect snow. 

One of the high-resolution models we use shows a wallop of several inches in parts of Northeast Illinois tomorrow night. Other models are less threatening and target areas east of I-65 as prime position for a couple of inches. 

The rest of the week is quiet with a moderating trend that could have us in the mid 50s to around 60 Friday and Saturday.