Chicago Weather: Light rain showers Wednesday and Thursday, warmer days on the horizon

The weather outlook for Chicago over the next few days includes increasing cloud cover and scattered rain showers. Unlike last week's heavy system, the upcoming precipitation is not expected to bring significant rainfall totals.

This evening, the skies will be overcast, with light rain showers moving into the area over the next few hours. These scattered showers are forecasted to persist throughout the evening, overnight, and into Thursday. While a few stray showers are possible on Friday and early Saturday, most areas will remain dry.

The rain totals are anticipated to be relatively light, with most locations receiving a quarter inch or less between Wednesday night and early Saturday. This should not pose any significant risk of flooding or other weather-related issues.

As for temperatures, Chicagoans can expect cool but not overly chilly conditions. Temperatures are projected to be in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees over the next few days.

Looking ahead to the weekend, the weather forecast is promising. Clouds will decrease, giving way to mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies by Sunday, providing an excellent opportunity for outdoor activities.

Excitingly, there are positive signs for a significant warm-up early next week, possibly reaching the 70s once again by Tuesday and Wednesday. This forecast should bring a smile to those who prefer milder, more comfortable weather conditions.

In summary, Chicago can expect light rain showers through Thursday, followed by drier and more pleasant conditions for the weekend, with the potential for a warm-up in the coming week. Stay tuned for further updates from FOX 32 Chicago for the latest on your local weather forecast.