Chicago weather: Storms and showers this week amid rising temps

Showers could threaten to delay the White Sox home opener but a rainout seems unlikely. Highs will reach the mid to upper 50s except near the lake and that includes the ballpark.

Tonight, there’s a good chance of showers and a few storms some of which could have small hail. 

Tomorrow remains problematic. Computer models do not agree on whether Chicagoland is hit by severe storms. 

What is more certain is that another significant outbreak of severe storms will take place over roughly the same territory hit Friday.  The local atmosphere however may not fully cooperate and several computer models show very little here. That said, we need to be weather aware and take the potential threat seriously.  


Prime time if anything intense were to occur would be after 5 p.m.  Storms could continue into Wednesday morning but once again that remains a big IF. 

 The rest of the week through the weekend looks quiet with little if any chance of rain.