Chicagoland forecast: Rain, possible thunderstorms with highs close to 70

There’s some fairly dense fog in our northern viewing area, but there is no advisory except in southern Wisconsin.  

The day will start dry, but showers are on the way from the southwest. 

It will be breezy with highs close to 70° — despite an increase in cloud cover. 

Showers will dampen for the afternoon drive and continue into the evening. 


Thunderstorms may accompany some of the showers, and a stronger one with hail or gusty winds northwest can’t be ruled out.  

Wednesday will be breezy and not as warm with mid 60s likely, and a continued chance of showers or a storm.  

The area could really use a soaking and this may be our best chance for quite some time.  

Behind the frontal system Wednesday there will be shot of chillier air again that will carry through the weekend. 

Highs generally mid 50s with most of our viewing area having lows in the 30s for several nights in a row.