Chicago area braces for storms, damaging winds Wednesday

This is a day to be weather aware to be sure, but some of the finer forecast details are beginning to reveal a less-ominous scenario locally.  

Here’s an analogy: Just because you have most of the ingredients on hand to bake a cake, that doesn’t mean it’s going to taste any good. Such is the case with the storms today. One or two key ingredients may end up being missing.  

That said, showers and storms will certainly be around today: Some activity this morning which would not be severe and more activity from about 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. that could be stronger.  


Damaging straight-line winds would be the primary threat locally with the higher tornado probabilities downstate and farther south in the MS Valley.  

Highs today will be around 70 degrees. After showers exit around 10 p.m., skies will rapidly clear and should remain clear tomorrow. It will be cooler though and very windy. 

Highs Thursday will be in the mid 50s with gusts of more than 40mph. A wind advisory is possible. 

 Friday will feature similar temps with gusty winds and a small chance of a shower.