Lake-effect showers kick off Wednesday in Chicago

Locally, lake-effect showers have made it into the city as well as northwest Indiana. This will continue through the morning before ending, allowing more sunshine to break through residual cloudiness.  

Highs will be close to 60 degrees once again. Tonight may end up being even cooler with more clearing of the skies. Cold spots will once again dip into the 30s.  

The rest of the forecast is straightforward with sunshine and a warming trend that will have us 70 degrees on Friday then into the low 70s for the first few days of October.


Let's talk about Hurricane Ian. As of 3 a.m., it's a Category 3 with winds of 120 mph. Landfall is expected by this evening between Cape Coral and Sarasota, Florida. Winds may reach CAT 4 strength prior to landfall.  

Catastrophic and widespread damage due to surge, winds and flooding rains are likely. Ian will slog through central Florida then likely emerge briefly in the Atlantic before recurving for a second landfall Friday as a tropical storm in either GA or SC.