September in Chicago wraps up on a cool note

Cool weather will start the final week of September. Highs today will make it into the mid 60s with ample sunshine and a gusty breeze.  

Tonight looks clear and chilly with lows in the mid to upper 40s downtown, but it’s possible some of our usual cold spots dip into the upper 30s!  Those kind of temps are even more likely tomorrow night after a day that barely hits 60 degrees despite plenty of sun.  

Wednesday itself may not see temps climb out of the 50s all day and it’s possible a lake-effect sprinkle could reach the city. This is more likely in northwest Indiana Tuesday night into very early Wednesday morning.  


All quiet with a modest warming trend through the weekend when highs could crack 70 degrees.

After undergoing rapid intensification, Ian became a hurricane this morning. Forecast-model consensus is growing now lending higher confidence of a Florida direct hit later this week with impacts being felt well before actual landfall on the Florida Gulf Coast.