Snowy, chilly Chicago weather will give way to warmer temps this weekend

There’s no sign of spring today. Except down the line in the forecast.  

We open with snow that has whitened the ground in the northern suburbs. The roads? Wet.

Snow will diminish and morph into some light rain after the sun comes up, not that anybody is going to see that happen. 


Later today there could be some snow or graupel showers mixing in. Highs will only be in the lower 40s-nearly 20 degrees colder than normal.

Add in a gusty wind and it’s one heckuva of mid-April day.  

Tomorrow will be dry with some sun and we might tag 50 degrees. 

The next storm system arrives Wednesday afternoon with exclusively rain this time. Mid 50s. 

Then spring arrives!  Thursday through Sunday it looks like we will have above-normal temperatures even with several chances for showers during the period.  

We could make a run at our first 80-degree day of the year on Saturday.