Behind the mystery of the modern day milkman

There was a time when you wouldn’t have looked twice at someone like Drew Pederson – but these day’s, he’s a bit of a dying breed.

Traveling door to door, glass milk jug in hand, always a friendly smile on his face – he’s a nearly picture perfect snapshot of a time long forgotten.

He’s your friendly neighborhood milk man – equipped for a new generation.

Pederson is a delivery man for Oberweis Dairy, a north Aurora-based company that’s been delivering milk since 1927.

They’re old school, still slinging it in the glass bottles – but that’s where the similarities to previous generations’ milk men stop. Because sunlight causes deterioration in the vitamin content of milk, gone are the days when the product is left sitting on a front porch.

Instead, this new fleet of milk men leave it in an insulated dairy box which protect it from the elements.
Milk is just one of the many products that the delivery men and women of Oberweis provide, but it’s easily the most iconic – the one that truly transports us back to a simpler time.

When milk was delivered in a glass bottle, handed over with a smile and was no further than a door knock away…