Meet the Rolling Stoves: Father-son duo drive 2.5 million accident-free miles for UPS

Meet the Rolling Stoves – a father-son team that drives for the UPS facility in Hodgkins

Scott and Kevin Stovicek have driven more than 2.5 million miles together without any accidents. 

They spend four days in a row on the road, but do they drive each other crazy? 

They said not really – it's mostly all laughs. But, their adventures are coming to an end soon. 

Dad always planned to retire at 65 and his 65th birthday is coming up next week. 

The pair spends time together while off the clock too. 

Scott and Kevin also run a landscaping and snowplowing business and enjoy taking their 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner to local car shows on the weekends.

Kevin's daughter, Brooklyn, said she's ready to take granddad's spot when he retires. 

Dad said she's got about 10 years before she can join him, since you have to be 21 to cross state lines.