Peregrine falcons find unusual home atop 28th floor flowerbox

Three years ago, Dacey Arashiba lost the balcony of his high-rise condo to Steve and Linda – a pair of peregrine falcons.

These 28th floor flower boxes supplied the perfect nest for the pair … and their new family.

And it wasn’t a one-time-deal – because year after year, they keep coming back.

Naturally cliff dwellers, peregrine falcons have adapted to living in cities and use high rise buildings for nests.

They’re also an endangered species, which means that when they landed on Dacey’s balcony, there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.

Luckily, Dacey was happy to have the company – not only has he documented the birds’ activities on his Instagram account, he’s allowed professional nature photographers to live in his apartment to check out Linda and Steve as well.

They’ll be here for a little while longer before, once again, moving on.

Because year-to-year, Dacey never knows whether or not they’ll come back. All he can do is look to the horizon and see if there’s anything approaching in the distance.