What's on the menu? Soldier Field rolls out new menu

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - As the Chicago Bears prepare to lay new ground for a new season, so does Solider Field prepare to entice new appetites with new culinary options.

FOX 32 News was invited to check out the new highlights of Solider Field, and it all culminated in the brand new event space, “The Midway.”

14,000 square feet with a capacity for one thousand guests, “The Midway” is a Mecca for the mighty hungry, decked out in gorgeous wood refurbished from the Chicago Park District.

But the highlight of the day was the food.

There may be rules on the field, but when it comes to being shown around by “Inside The Bears” co-host Anthony Adams, nothing is off limits.

Making our way through the midway culinary options, we devoured steak chimichurri tacos, smoked sausage sliders and shaved hot pastrami.

Anthony may no longer play for the Bears, but he still knows how to run when he needs to.

These succulent sins of your taste buds are tooled to every Bears fan – from the exclusive Midway options, to the foods available to everyone, like Beggars Pizza and the Mac Daddy of all: The Midway Monster. 

Pretzel bun, stone ground mustard, Vienna hot dog, corned beef and bacon caraway kraut.
It’s the sort of thing that’ll take the fight out of you.

Just be careful. If your nap lasts more than four quarters, you’re on your own!