New game show 'The 1% Club' premieres tonight on FOX 32

FOX’s newest game show "The 1% Club" premieres tonight on FOX 32 – but it’s more than just your traditional fact-based trivia game. 

The series tests the inner working of contestants problem-solving abilities and problem solving skills – and testing what percentage of Americans the contestants are smarter than. 

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton sat down to talk with the show’s host, comedian Patton Oswalt, about the fact that we DO love yelling at gameshow contestants on TV…but should be reminded that it’s much tougher being on set than we might think. 

"You’re on the show and you just freeze up," Oswalt said. "You don’t freeze up on the hard ones, you freeze up on the easy ones."

The comedian and actor added "When you know something so quickly, you brain will go ‘Wait, wait…this is so easy, maybe they’re trying to trick me’ and so you’ll second guess stuff – and that’s where you freeze."

"The 1% Club" premieres tonight on FOX 32.