12-year-old boy with autism still missing since Saturday from Hammond, Indiana

It has been nearly three days since 12-year old Kyrin Carter went missing from the Hammond Best Western Hotel. 

On Monday night, there was a large search party composed of mostly local citizens and officers on foot, continuing the search into the night as police in Hammond say they remain optimistic.

"I just want him to make it back home in one piece," said his mother, Danielle Duckworth, through tears. "That’s all I want."


Police say Kyrin walked out of the back door of the Best Western after a family member who had been with him Saturday fell asleep.  

"He’s an only child, my only child," said Duckworth.

Surveillance footage shows the 5-foot-4, 130-pound Kyrin leaving the hotel wearing a light blue shirt, dark blue shorts with a light blue stripe. He left the hotel without shoes on, headed toward the Little Calumet River. Over the last two days, search crews have focused their efforts in the water, and a 4-mile radius surrounding the hotel.

"We are telling everybody not to approach him," said Lt. Steve Kellogg of the Hammond Police. "If they see him, call 911 immediately and let law enforcement do that. Will bring the mom, they really feel the mom is the only one who’s going to get him to come voluntarily."

Police worry Kyrin, without shoes for the last two days, is in extreme danger and may require medical assistance.

"If anybody happens to see him, let him know he has his chicken nuggets and his Oreo cookies, he calls them black cookies," said his mother.

"We are just going to keep searching until all our options are exhausted," said Kellog.

If you happen to see Kyrin, you're asked not to yell at him. Police say that could scare him away. Instead, you're asked to calmly contact police who would then get Kyrin's mother.  No foul-play is believed to be involved. 

If you see the Kyrin, call Hammond PD at 219-660-0000.