16 French bulldogs from the Middle East found in squalid conditions at O'Hare Airport warehouse

A local animal rescue group is pleading for the government's help after sixteen French bulldogs from the Middle East were found in squalid conditions at an O'hare Airport warehouse.

The rescue group is asking the CDC to allow the dogs to remain here in the U.S, but as of right now, their future is uncertain.

“To touch their skin they would yip because you could see where the urine burnt their skin. Their paws were raw and bloody,” said Mary Scheffke of the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue.

Scheffke says late last month, a good Samaritan alerted Chicago police when he discovered 16 French bulldog puppies in crates, covered in their own urine and feces. 

She says they had been in the warehouse without food or water for four days.

“When the vet put them up on the examining table, you could just see the urine dripping off of them,” said Scheffke.

The puppies arrived off a flight from Ahman, Jordan. With permission from the CDC, Scheffke's rescue group transported them to area vets for treatment, where they're in quarantine and still recovering. But now, the CDC has ordered them to be returned to the same warehouse, and same airline to go back to Jordan. 

Scheffke wants them to be granted amnesty.

“We've done everything for them. We've followed the rules. We've gotten them healthy. Why put them on a plane where nobody can say what's going to happen to them if they go back to Jordan?” said Scheffke.

Unless something changes, the CDC has ordered the puppies to be returned to the warehouse on Monday.