2 cases of Legionnaires' disease linked to L.A. Fitness in Niles

The Illinois Department of Public Health has linked two confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease to the L.A. Fitness facility in Niles earlier this month. 

Both people diagnosed with the bacterial pneumonia reported using the pool, steam room, hot tub, and showers at the gym during their exposure periods at the end of April. 

The Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) assisted the IDPH in their investigation. 

LA Fitness voluntarily closed their pool, spa, showers, and steam room on May 5 when the IDPH discovered the link and informed the business. 

IDPH and CCDPH conducted an environmental investigation on in the days after the closure.  


The final lab results confirmed Legionella pnemophila S2-14 was detected in samples collected from the facility’s hot tub.   

LA Fitness has begun treating the hot tub to remove any traces of the bacteria.  

The hot tub and area surrounding it will remain closed until additional testing confirms that legionella is no longer detected.