2 former leaders of CPD now working for Monterrey Security in Pilsen

From the high stress and high danger job of policing Chicago to life in the private sector, we now know where two former leaders of the Chicago Police Department will work.

They came up together in the ranks of CPD, rising to leadership positions and they're sticking together decades later.

“Even though he was my boss, we still worked hand in hand. We were more than that, we were friends and we’ve been friends a long time,” said Tony Riccio.

Riccio and Fred Waller started at Chicago police the same year, in 1986, with Riccio rising to first deputy superintendent and Waller to chief of operations, before both retired in August after 34 years.

Now, the police pals are going private having been recruited for leadership roles at Monterrey Security in Pilsen.

“We have a lot to offer, between the two of us almost 70 years of police, a lot of that as supervisors and some at the very top of the department,” Riccio said.

The move to the private security firm certainly does not mean their work with CPD is done. They will still coordinate with police during large events like Lollapalooza, the Chicago Marathon, concerts at Soldier Field, or any trouble in Chicago.

“The police can’t be everywhere, especially in these COVID times and civil unrest,” Waller said.

The firm has hired many former officers and works to train future ones by hiring diverse staff from tough neighborhoods.

“We pair them up with off-duty law enforcement. They mentor the younger civilians and now they’re police officers,” said Steve Gayton of Monterrey Security.

For Riccio and Waller, the new gig has benefits: less stress, vacation time and no city politics.