2 Illinois men, 2 Missouri men charged with trafficking guns from St. Louis to Chicago

Four men have been indicted on federal firearm offenses for allegedly trafficking guns from St. Louis to Chicago.

Jerome Boykin, 31, of St. Louis, Robert Narup, 71, of Washington, Mo., Rodolfo Ortega, 26, of Chicago and Rogelio Mancera, 26, of Schaumburg have been charged with willfully dealing firearms without a license. 

The indictment returned in federal court also charged Boykin and Mancera with possessing multiple firearms while trafficking marijuana in the Chicago area, and also charges Ortega with illegally possessing two firearms as a previously convicted felon.

"Firearms traffickers enable unlawful possession of guns and the violence that may follow," said U.S. Attorney Lausch.  "We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners in Chicago and across the country to bring impactful cases that hold firearms traffickers accountable and reduce violent crime in Chicago."


According to criminal complaints that were previously filed in this case, Narup purchased firearms at gun shows throughout the United States and illegally sold them to Boykin in St. Louis.

Boykin allegedly brought the guns to Chicago and sold them to Mancera in exchange for marijuana, authorities said.

The complaints say Mancera then allegedly resold the guns to Ortega, who in turn allegedly sold them to buyers on the streets of Chicago. 

Authorities say that 23 guns were possessed by Boykin and four guns were possessed by Mancera while they trafficked the marijuana. 

Arraignments are set for Feb. 23.