2 more Cuomo accusers come forward, referred to local authorities: Report

Two more women approached the New York attorney general's office to make accusations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo after the office released its report accusing him of sexually harassing 11 women, according to The New York Post

It's unclear what their accusations were. According to the paper, the attorney general's office referred them to local authorities.

The New York State Assembly continued to move forward with its impeachment probe. The Judiciary Committee, the panel considering whether to file articles of impeachment, will meet two more times on August 16 and 23. Then, there will be public hearings, according to the committee's chair. 

The committee will likely decide whether to recommend articles of impeachment by early next month. A simple majority of the assembly's 150 members is required to impeach the governor. He would then go on trial before a jury of 62 state senators and the seven judges of the Court of Appeals.

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So far, the governor remains resolute. He has been holed up in the Executive Mansion in Albany for the last week. 

His attorney, Rita Glavin, promises he will speak "very soon," though she didn't say precisely when. Glavin says the attorney general's report is biased and leaves out information that helps her client's case.