2 UK healthcare workers experience severe allergic reactions from COVID vaccine

British regulators say two healthcare employees who received the coronavirus vaccine had severe allergic reactions.

Illinois' top doctor is also issuing her own warning about potential side effects.

Doctors report there are temporary side effects with the Pfizer vaccine, such as fever, headache and muscle pain. But what happened in the UK was a bit of a surprise.

“They have made a new recommendation that anyone with that history of severe allergic reactions, should hold off on getting the vaccination,” Dr. Ngozi Ezike said.

The UK started vaccinating elderly people and healthcare workers on Tuesday. Two people suffered a severe allergic reaction, but have since recovered.

“They were both healthcare workers that already carried with them epi pens on a regular basis because of a known allergic reaction history, that history of anaphylaxis,” Ezike said.

Now, another potential health risk regarding the vaccine. Dr. Ezike says there is little information about how the vaccination effects pregnancy and fertility. Therefore, as of right now, she suspects the vaccine will not be permitted for pregnant women or those planning a pregnancy.

“But I don't think we know of any adverse effects, causing fertility issues for people who got it,” she said.


“My consult to everyone right now, let’s all keep patience and follow along as we get more information,” said Dr. Jeffrey Kopin with Northwestern Hospital in Lake Forest.

He says no one should make a decision based on the reported allergic reaction or rumors, and that we must wait for guidance from the FDA and CDC in the next five days.

“I'm pretty confident that we are going to have a vaccine that is safe and effect and we all should get it,” Kopin said.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says they expect to be vaccinating healthcare workers next week sometime and that over the next few weeks the city may receive 100,000 doses.