21 Chicago Police officers stripped of powers and pay for not complying with COVID rules

The Chicago Police Superintendent said Tuesday that 21 officers have been stripped of their powers and pay because they refuse to disclose whether they are vaccinated.

"We are often in people's homes and businesses, and without that vaccination and/or testing we risk community harm, harming our peers, and harming officers and their families," David Brown said.

Brown said that 67% of officers have entered their information into the city's database, and of those, 82% are vaccinated.

The Fraternal Order of Police union is fighting the city in court. The union said the city is violating members' rights and is pushing for an outside arbitrator.

The city said that they are bargaining in good faith.

Meanwhile, there is a hearing on Wednesday morning on whether the judge assigned to one of the lawsuits in this battle should recuse herself.