Hearing planned Wednesday in Chicago Fraternal Order of Police's battle with city over vaccine mandate

The latest round in the battle between the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police union and the city will be heard on Wednesday in court.

The larger issue is whether police officers should be required to let the city know whether or not they are vaccinated, and whether they should be required to undergo regular COVID testing if they are not.

The specific issue to be discussed at Wednesday's hearing is whether Judge Cecilia Horan should recuse herself from the case. 

Over the weekend, the FOP realized that Horan is associated with the city's Gay and Lesbian Bar Association. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a lesbian.

"The city's temporary restraining order however was given to Judge Horan," Catanzara said in a video posted on social media Saturday. "She is the president of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association. That association has hosted a speaking platform for the mayor. Clear as day advertised. And as the president she obviously has a relationship with the mayor."

Horan is the past president of that organization, not the current president.

The hearing on whether Horan should recuse herself is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 10:45.

On Monday at CPD headquarters, the first group of non-compliant officers turned in their badges and were put on a "no-pay" status as the police union and the Chicago Police Department appear nowhere closer to reaching an agreement.

"Does anybody really think this is about stopping the spread?" said FOP President John Catanzara. "This is all about total control by this mayor. She is a miserable human being."

The city said that 35% of police did not submit their vaccination status by the deadline.