3 Massachusetts golfers arrested for violating Rhode Island coronavirus quarantine order: police

Rhode Island cops enforcing the state’s coronavirus quarantine order have bagged three golfers from Massachusetts on misdemeanor charges.

Richmond police say the three duffers went to elaborate lengths to hide their identities as out-of-towners so they could get in a round of golf at the Meadow Brook Golf Course in town on Wednesday.

Gregory Corbett, 51, Tyler Pietrzyk, 22,  and Nye Cameron, 22, were apprehended at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant, where police say the men changed cars to drive to the club in a vehicle with Rhode Island license plates, the Attleboro Sun Chronicle reported Friday.

Employees at the McDonald’s ratted them out.

Rhode Island enacted a coronavirus quarantine order March 30 requiring out-of-towners entering the state to self-quarantine for 14 days unless they are working in the state. The order intially targeted New Yorkers only.

Massachusetts forced golf courses in the state to close last week to contain the virus.

Cops issued the three men summonses for violating the quarantine when they drove back from the golf course to their vehicles at the McDonald’s in the vehicle with the Rhode Island plates, the paper reported

Corbett lives in Attleboro. Pietrzyk and Cameron live in Taunton.

“It’s not the most heinous offense, but the reality is that we’re living in a whole different world this month, and it’s important we all follow the rules to keep one another safe,” Police Chief Elwood Johnson said.