4 men kidnapped suspected drug dealer in Chicago, held him for ransom: indictment

Four men are accused of abducting a suspected drug dealer in Chicago and holding him for ransom.

Calvert Williams, 34, of Chicago, Derrius Burns, 30, of Bellwood, Ahzami Xhamilton, 27, of Chicago and Christopher Gregory, 35, of Chicago, have all been charged with conspiracy, robbery, kidnapping and firearm offenses.

In May 2018, the four men allegedly conspired to kidnap the suspected dealer, rob him of drugs and cash and hold him for ransom, according to an indictment.

The kidnappers allegedly brandished firearms, entered the suspected drug dealer’s residence and used restraints to bind him and others inside the home.

According to the indictment, one of the kidnappers allegedly burned a victim’s arm with a hot object.  


The kidnappers then allegedly searched the residence for drugs and cash and forced the suspected dealer to place calls to obtain ransom money.

All four defendants are currently being detained.

Burns, Gregory and Xhamilton pleaded not guilty at their arraignments this week, and Williams will be arraigned at a later date, federal prosecutors said.

If convicted, the four men face a maximum sentence of life in federal prison.