5 bunnies rescued in Rogers Park

An adorable rescue reveals a disturbing trend. 

Five baby bunnies were discovered all by themselves in Rogers Park.

They were discovered when someone posted a photo on a neighborhood Facebook page of a baby, domestic rabbit.

The local Red Door Animal Shelter jumped into action, sending more than two dozen volunteers to find the animals.

It took three days to gather them all.  


Unfortunately, their mother did not make it, and it's likely she was a gift to someone who ultimately didn't want her. 

"What likely happened, there was an empty bag of rabbit pellets, our best guess is someone purchased the rabbit for Easter, became too overwhelming because they are high-maintenance animals and they dump them along the railroad tracks," said Julie Dorion of Red Door Animal Shelter. 

This year, Red Door shelter has made more than 95 rescues of what they refer to as "dumped bunnies" since Easter.

In this case, the five babies are doing well and will be up for adoption in six to eight months.