Cast of '8-Bit Christmas' talks nostalgia, gift-giving

Families looking for a new Christmas movie to watch this holiday season are in luck, with the new HBO Max comedy "8-Bit Christmas." 

FOX 32 Entertainment reporter Jake Hamilton describes the film as "'A Christmas Story' set in the 1980’s – and instead of a BB gun, the young boy wants an original Nintendo."

Hamilton had the chance to talk with the stars of the film, including Neil Patrick Harris, about the idea of wanting something so badly for Christmas as a kid, and hoping your parents would buy it for you. 


Hamilton noted, however, that Harris was a popular child actor (he starred as  Dr. Doogie Howser from 1989 to 1993) and asked the actor If you really need to beg your parents for a Christmas gift when you’re making money as a child actor. 

"I’ll be like ‘What are you gonna do?’" Harris laughed. "’Not get me a unicycle? Guess what, parents? I’ll get my own unicycle!’" 

Harris added, "We feel like the holidays are so nostalgic that the gift giving thing is less about the merch’ and more about the experience of sitting around."

"8-Bit Christmas" starts streaming on HBO Max on Thursday