AAA to anyone that has trip planned during Irma: Just stay home

It can be difficult to pinpoint Hurricane Irma's exact path and that means a lot of uncertainty for travelers, from the Caribbean all the way up the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

As the clean-up from Harvey continues in Houston, folks across the Caribbean and Florida are bracing for Irma.

“This is a serious, serious storm,” said AAA spokesperson Beth Mosher.

But if you have plans to travel that way over the next week, Mosher says you might want to just stay home.

“We really advise them to take heed and to not travel unless they absolutely need to,” Mosher said.

If you already booked and bought trip insurance, Mosher says look for a "cancel for any reason" clause. You may be on the hook for the trip without it.

“If they have travel plans but they don't have insurance, it is too late to get that coverage,” Mosher said.

For help with flights, call your airline. Every carrier FOX 32 checked is waiving change fees to re-book your flight for a later date.

“Monitor the airport that you're flying into. No airports right now are closed, but that could change at any time,” Mosher said.

And if you had plans to take a cruise, call the company. Carnival Cruise canceled two trips scheduled to leave out of Florida this week. It says those customers will get full refunds.

But regardless of what plans you had booked, continue to watch. The path and intensity of the storm could change, so stay alert.

“Your safety is more important,” Mosher said.

Travel advisories include many Florida airports, as well as destinations in the Bahamas, Cuba and other parts of Caribbean.